Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Formula for Adsense Money making

AdSense Revenue = Optimally Positioned, Sized & Blended Ads + Traffic Volume + High Paying Ads + Relevant Ads
1. Position Ads Above the Fold The part of a web page that is visible (without having to scroll down) after it has loaded is the part that is "above the fold". Therefore AdSense ads that are visible above the fold are more likely to get clicked on than those that only become visible if the site visitor scrolls down the page as they are less likely to scroll down than just view what is immediately visible. In fact check out Google's heatmap which shows the positioning for the best performing ads.
2. Blend Your Ads As web surfers are becoming increasingly blind to ads your AdSense ads should be blended into the content of your site in terms of the text & background colors. If the fonts can be matched this will also increase your chances of having the ads clicked on & thereby earning you more of that much loved AdSense revenue.
3. Best AdSense Ad Sizes The following is a list that is generally accepted as of the highest performing ad sizes... * 336×280 large rectangle * 300×250 inline rectangle * 160×600 wide skyscraper Whilst the above size ads may not always be suitable for your website or blog it is worth noting that these are the ones that out perform other AdSense ad sizes.
4. Links Should be Blue One of the most important factors affecting AdSense revenue is to ensure that the links are blue. Web surfers view the color blue as a sign that a link is present . The whole point of this entire process is to get people to click on your links - especially when they are attached to AdSense.
5. Set Up Channels Google's AdSense program allows you to create channels for each ad unit which provides you with an excellent tool to compare your various ad units performance on each page.
6. Click through Rate (CTR) Its important to monitor your CTR as it reflects the percentage of clicks generated per page impression. You can therefore compare your pages' CTR and tweak things to improve the lower performing pages and so on.

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